überculture is a montreal-based collective blurring the line between art and activism.


Überculture is a collective who’s projects merge art, activism, politics & community. Co-founded by AJ Korkidakis, the level of activity of the collective moves with an ebb and flow, but just when you think it’s dormant, a neat new project appears!


“A new holiday tradition for Montreal: free gifts of art left around the city!”

Überculture teamed up with 7 local artists, who donated 3 works each, which were gift wrapped and left around the city for whoever might find them.

Super initiative bravo ! C’est un très beau cadeau surprise ce matin en allant travailler ! Merci encore!

-Catharine, who found a piece of art in the metro



A sample of the art


An introduction for new students from out of town to the local art community
Überculture joined forces with the Concordia Student Union and 21 local artists for a 2 day art market in the busy public atrium of the EV building.

The idea was to help direct new out-of-town students with blank dorm walls to a place where they can get beautiful, affordable art while also making connections to the local arts community. This serves as a way to welcome new people to the cultural side of Montreal, all the while creating an economy for local works whose value far outweighs mass-produced IKEA prints.

This was the 3rd art market organized by AJ Korkidakis. Over the course of the two days lots of art traded hands and lots of connections were made!