'Nufonia Must Fall' Live!


A silent film created live on stage each night, through the use of puppets, dramatically lit miniature sets, 4 cameras & live video editing. Scored by Kid Koala & the Afiara Quartet.

'An evolutionary expansion into the future of theater'


A tone-deaf robot, fearful of his growing obsolescence, tries to woo an office worker with his love songs in prolific producer and turntablist Kid Koala’s (Gorillaz, Deltron 3030) bold adaptation of his tender, and entirely wordless, 2003 graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall. Collaborating with Oscar-nominated production designer K.K. Barrett (Her, Lost in Translation, Being John Malkovich), Kid Koala enlists a team of puppeteers to stage the circuit-bent amoré, filtered through the stylized lighting and cinematography of DP AJ Korkidakis, with the footage edited in real time, resulting in a live silent film. Kid Koala provides the mesmerizing original score, performed by the polymath himself on turntables and keyboards alongside the strings of the Afiara Quartet.


'Part of the enjoyment is glancing from the screen to the dimly lighted stage, seeing the puppeteers move from backdrop to backdrop and watching the ingenuity of the perspective and the minuscule gestures that translate into big-screen drama.'

-New York Times

'“It’s insane! At each and every moment: moving, original, and deeply inspiring. One of the great entertainments of the year.”

-Darren Aronofsky, director, Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, Pi

'“Music, cinematography, and puppetry come together in this magic trick of the heart.”

- Jason Reitman, director, Juno, Up in the Air


As a co-creator of the show, AJ has been involved since it’s very inception. As the director of photography, he was responsible for designing all the lighting and camera movements for the show, with the goal of telling a touching, engaging story all the while being as cinematic as possible. His job was to use the language of film to make the live puppet performance feel like an authentic cinematic feature film.

Beyond this, AJ acts as the camera operator during the show, shooting the whole film live each night on 4 different cameras: two on dollies, one on a jib, and one on a tripod, all the while pulling focus.

It was also AJ’s responsibility to research and make all technical video decisions for the show, such as which cameras best suited the demands of the show, which live video switching software was the best choice, and the whole design of the workflow for the video signal.



'This delightful show delivers.'

-The Guardian

Nufonia Must Fall has been performed around the world, including at the Roundhouse in London, the historic BAM! Harvery Theater in NYC, at the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre for the Luminato Arts Festival, at the Adelaide Arts Festival in Australia, at the KAMPNAGEL festival in Hamburg & the Noorderzon Festival in the Netherlands. In 2016 it will kick off an American tour throughout the winter and spring.